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10% off your first order using code: FLIGHTLINE
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CEO and Co-founder Rick Maness

From 1938 Stinson SR-10 Reliant’s, Cirrus SR-2X and SF-50 series aircraft, Regional CRJ and ERJ jets all the way up to Boeing 777,757,737,767 and 747’s I have seen a lot in aviation in a short time. My story in the aircraft world began in 2012, when I was delayed at O'hare international airport due to “maintenance issues” while looking out that terminal window watching mechanics scramble to get the jet back up and into blue skies, I was battling the thought of running the family restaurant while also knowing I did not want to flip burgers or stir pasta my whole life. Luckily, I had a very good background in mechanics as my first job was working on tractor trailers along with always tinkering on dirt bikes or anything with a motor. So, I decided to research aviation maintenance education and to my surprise I found a school specifically for it that was a mere 25 miles away from home and as I'm sure you can tell...the rest is history. 2020 is a different story, I moved from a small town in Durand Illinois (population 2,500) down to East Tennessee near the Smoky Mountains, a place where I met some of the best people I have come to know and oddly enough, has led me into this journey. To be on this path with our Co-founder Hayden Settle, who is our coffee connoisseur and also our Chief Operating Officer has me very optimistic. We are very eager to meet everyone at many events to come and to build Flightline Coffee Co. into an exceptional and highly active company in the aviation community along with the great people of the U.S.A.  

 Rick J Maness

Co-founder and CEO

FlightLine Coffee Co.


COO and Co-Founder Hayden Settle

My interest in coffee started at a young age. I was known by my family and friends for being the kid that was up before the sun and my dad was always up right there with me. We would go down to a local gas station and get coffee every chance we got, and since then I've been hooked. Fast forward to my current life, I am now an aviation maintenance technician that still gets up before the sun and drinks crappy gas station coffee just like always. Now the co-founder of Flightline Coffee Co. Rick Maness and I are on a mission to deliver quality aviation themed coffee to those who want something better like us. 

Hayden Settle

Co-founder and COO

Flightline Coffee Co.